Family Day 2019

Family Day 2019

Do you feel that family day has lost its true meaning? Everyone gathers, eats, and plays together but when the sun goes down, we barely have a lasting memory to keep. Well, that is definitely not IDRISSI Family Day!

As soon as we arrived at Damai Laut, we felt so welcomed by the cool sea breeze. We peeked at every corner of the beach and the excitement started jolting in our head, carried us straight to the beach to enjoy the games.

Our feet got slightly buried in the sand, water softly splashed on our face and the wind swept all the day-to-day matters away to only focus on everything at the beach. We worked in a team and enjoyed the explorace, flying kites, balloons and others - just like a family.

We knew that children always want to show their love to parents, but finding the right time is harder than expected. So this time, we let them quench every idea into the performance, and the result was extremely unforgettable - each word and action beautifully wrapped in sincerity.

Our hearts swam back in the cheerful and tearful memories of the children when they were first born and went to school. It brought ear-to-ear smiles to all faces - some with tears of happiness. The heart-moving moments continued with appreciation to students, teachers and staff for their achievements.

The second night was carried on with a fulfilling barbecue buffet under the moon and stars. The dazzling performances by the students again made every heart moved - they were the true stars! Everything was perfectly planned, except for what was felt in the heart.

On the next morning, we had a very fun water gun fight, but it did not wash away all the moments we had the past two days. The big hampers gave us the most drive to win at first, but as we played, we looked most forward to the fun and smiles to bring home.

Want to look at all these memories in motion? Check it out on our YouTube channel now!