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Children in Idrissi will never get enough of learning. Therefore, we also provide a range of after-school clubs for students to join if they wish to indulge themselves with experience beyond classroom walls.

Do contact us to find out the whole list of available clubs. These are some of the clubs we offer:

Hiking and Camping Club

The club was established to answer every child’s natural yearning to explore and to be outdoors in nature. This club is one of the favourite choices among our kids. Its membership is however limited only to boys due to its physically challenging nature. Occasionally members will be brought out to jungles to experience survival living; setting up the tent, sleeping in uncomfortable conditons, igniting the campfire, preparing food, and dealing with mosquitoes and insects.

Thus far, the Club has hiked up more than 10 hills such as the Sapu Tangan Hill, Kutu Hill, Cerakah Hill, Wawasan Hill, and Batu Putih Hill to name a few. It may not sound much, but these feats are definitely outstanding by some 9 year to 17 year-old city school boys! A plethora of things can be learnt from these outdoor activities. Students get a chance to reflect upon the adversity of life in remote areas – far away from the modern high-tech city, and the struggle of hiking uphill is surely learning point about life – it’s never easy to succeed but once you there, it will all be worth it. The painful climb will quickly be forgotten with the magnificent view from the top of the hill!


Futsal Club

The hearts of our boys in IDRISSI School is no doubt on futsal! Just give them a ball and a goal post, they will have hours of fun regardless of the scorching sun or drizzling rain. Under the guidance of a professional coach, the Futsal Club enhances the boys’ talents and skills not only in game matters such as passing, dribbling, kicking and tackling but also the values beyond. Teamwork, strategic thinking and problem solving are some of the skills they will also learn mental. They get to experience competing in tournaments to further enhance their physical and mental skills.


Graphic Design & Creative Club

This is not just any other Art club. It is a club that aims to produce the next Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. The club serves as a platform for students to express their creativity and innovative ideas. It’s the perfect club for students who loves to experiment as the Teacher Advisor exposes them to items and materials for them to explore and turn into new inventions. Activities in the club range from drawing, sketching, colouring, image rendering, photography, typography and even making creative presentation slides.



The IDRISSI Archery Club is a collaboration with Panahan, an established archery organization based in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. With Panahan, the club gets access to a number of professional trainers who have produced a number of skillful young archers and horseback archers.

The club is opened only for KS2 and KS3 primary students. Club members will receive hands-on practical training with the bow and arrow from the professionals. Aside from it being a fun sport, archery is also a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW with many benefits.

Archery is not just about being precised, it also teaches a person to take personal responsibility of their action of releasing the arrow from the bow, as well as their mistakes and flaws. Apart from that, discipline is also a trait each player must exercise, as the sport demands them to have proper stance, draw, anchor and release. And of course focus and attention to detail is another key value the members will practice. Club Members will also be exposed to competitions outside the school.



The Mandarin Class is held in collaboration with Brainy Bees, the Mandarin language experts, to fulfil the request of some parents who want their child to master a second or third language in order to stand out in the challenging future. The Mandarin Class is an optional after-school activity for students from all levels.


Little Tahfiz

This club is for students who wish memorise the holy Qur’an. With guidance from an Arabic native speaker Ustaz, students are trained to memorise surahs in a strategic and meaningful way.


Eco Scout

Eco Scout is IDRISSI School’s very own version of the Scout and takes place every Friday after school hours. The Eco Scout is all about appreciating nature and therefore carry out a variety of eco-related activities. Each term the Eco Scout focuses on different themes namely physical, skills and community. Eco Scout members are divided into groups according to their Key Stage.

Our activities for Eco Scout include:

Physical Skills Community
  • Tennis
  • Dodgeball
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Archery
  • Taekwando
  • Zumba
  • Photography
  • Public speaking/ Debating
  • Camp Craft
  • Carpentry
  • Nature Art
  • Beautifying the Environment
  • Cleaning the Environment
  • Eco Planting
  • Recycling
  • First Aid


Summer School Explorer is a fun learning program held during the Summer Holidays to fill in students’ time with beneficial activities. The program provides students with exciting activities during the long break before the start of the next academic year. Students can gear up their knowledge and skills by joining the programmes that are mostly project-based, covering all core learning subjects and conducted by enthusiastic IDRISSI School teachers. Find out about upcoming programmes under the What’s New menu.


Apart from the Summer School Explorer, we also offer short course programme during the Summer breaks. These are diverse programmes, ranging from academic to soft skills, organised by our experienced teachers who will share their skills and knowledge. Some of the programmes offered include courses for learning Adobe Photoshop, English, Mathematics, Quranic, public speaking and many more. Find out about upcoming programmes under the “What’s New” menu.

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