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Children in Idrissi will never get enough of learning. Therefore, we also provide a range of after-school clubs for students to join if they wish to indulge themselves with experience beyond classroom walls.

Our after-school clubs include:

Hiking and Camping Club

Meet Ustaz Aqmil, the advisor of Hiking and Camping Club. Ever since he was a teenager, hiking, camping and backpacking have been part of his soul as he believes, that is the best way to befriend with nature. Hence, the establishment of this club is to answer the call of nature and bring the youngs to explore the beauty of life outside the city.

Pioneered by our hardcore hiker-teacher, this club is one of the favourite choices among our kids. Open only to boys due to its nature that demands physical and mental strength, the students will be brought to jungles once in a while to experience survivor way of life; from setting up the tent, to sleeping contently uncomfortable, to the hassle of igniting the campfire, to preparing survival food, to being friends with mosquitoes and remind me of the shower again? No thanks, the students are fine with bathing sweat because that’s how the survivors do!

As far as the club has been established, the team has managed to conquer almost 10 hills: Sapu Tangan Hill, Kutu Hill, Cerakah Hill, Wawasan Hill, Batu Putih Hill and the list goes on and on. We’re not talking about a team of experienced expeditors here, we’re talking about our Idrissi boys- from 9 year-old up to 17 year-olds! There are so many things to learn from these outdoor activities. Students get a chance to reflect upon the adversity of life in a remote area- far away from the bustling city where they all come from- and the uphill struggle will surely be a learning point, just like our life- it’s never easy but once you’re on top, inhaling the freshest air with the breath-taking view, the painful climb will all pay off!

Futsal Club

Meet our skilful futsal coach, Ustaz Yahya. Football has been part of him ever since he first learned what a football is. He sees a lot of young talents in Idrissi and decided to pass on his knowledge and skills to this young generation. He also believes that through sports, the barrier of race, religion, and cultural differences can be crumbled!

The heart of boys in Idrissi is no doubt futsal! Just give them a ball and a goal post, they’ll sure know how to do it regardless the scorching sun or the nebulous cloud. To celebrate this shared culture of football among the boys, futsal club is here for them to cast their talent and skills. Coached by our ever-sporty teacher all the way from Libya, this club is an ultimate platform for students to gain theoretical knowledge as well as the practical tips and tricks in the court.

It’s not only about passing, dribbling, kicking, tackling, shooting, defending and all sorts of verbs you may think of in a football, it’s the values learnt beyond it. We believe that with sports, students learn the value of teamwork. Not only that, it also enhances students’ strategic thinking as well as problem solving. Like any other sports, we love to let our boys to experience winning and losing in the name of healthy competition because then they know that losing is not the end of everything and winning today does not mean winning forever if the effort is not doubled up!

Graphic Design & Creative Club

Meet our creative and innovative teacher, Teacher Nadiah, the advisor of Graphic Design & Creative Club. She is a master graduate in architecture and guess who is the backbone of Idrissi’s event planning and set-up? Yes it’s none other than this skilfully handy teacher. What’s best about her skills is that she always knows how to weave in nature in her ideas. Give her sticks, flowers, leaves, or even trunks, she’ll surprise you with her incredible touch!

This is a club that aims to produce the next Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Marc Zurkenbergh. Idrissi has its own platform for students to externalize their creativity and innovative ideas. We know how experimental kids can be so here’s the chance for them to explore with the props and materials and turn them into a new invention. Students will have fun doing drawings, colouring, rendering, photography, typography, slides and sketches. Just by reading all that, you can already feel the excitement, can’t you?


This club is Idrissi’s collaboration with an established organisation, Panahan. Panahan is an archery club based in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. The organisation consists of professional trainers who believes that archery is not only a sports, but a sunnah with thousands of benefits. They have produced a lot of skilful young archers and a number of competent junior horseback archers. If you wish to get more information about this organisation, feel free to visit their facebook page

This club is open to KS2 and KS3 primary kids. With this platform, students can get first-hand experience with the bow and arrow from the professionals. Plus, archery is sunnah so while having fun, students get to experience the prophet way of marksmanship.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Learn the throwing of arrows and do not be averse to it, for the areas between the two targets holds a garden of the gardens of paradise”.

It’s not just about the precision, archery teaches students to take personal responsibility through their individual action of releasing of the arrow from the bow. They will learn to take responsibility of their own actions, mistakes and flaws. Apart from that, it also teaches discipline through demanding proper stance, draw, anchor and release. Students will also develop focus through this sports where attention to detail is the key. Through mistakes and repeated mechanism, kids will learn to pick up the right way.

Until today, Idrissi has produced a number of skilful archers who have competed in competitions outside school.


This is another collaboration of Idrissi with an outside party. Introducing Brainy Bees, our Mandarin language experts. They are centred in Kuala Lumpur but for Idrissi kids, they come all the way from the capital city to this homely school to give our kids an additional language. If you wish to know them further, feel free to click here

We understand that at this fresh age, students learn languages best. So, this is the opportunity to make our children multi-lingual. In addition to that, acknowledging the competitive world we’re living today and what more in the future, being able to speak Mandarin will definitely give your child a plus point to be marketable!

Little Tahfiz

What is the best way to learn a language if it’s not from the native speaker. So, we bring another program named Little Tahfiz to the kids who wish to focus on the memorization of the holy Qur’an. The club is advised by our teacher from Idrissi, Ustaz Assane whose Arabic is his first language.

Talking about the holy Qur’an, we all aim to be a tahfeez. This club will help and guide our students to maximise their memorization in a strategic and meaningful way.


Eco Scout is Idrissi’s version of Scout which takes place on every Friday. As usual, we appreciate nature and wish to weave it in all of our activities. We divide our Eco Scout into 3 different themes with respect to 3 terms we have in an academic year: physical, skills and community. Students will be divided into different groups according to their key stage during Eco Scout.

To celebrate the near-weekend mode, during Eco Scout, we forget about pens and papers and focus on hands-on activities as we wish to make our kids fully-bloomed flowers.

Our activities for Eco Scout include:

Physical Skills Community
  • Tennis
  • Dodgeball
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Archery
  • Taekwando
  • Zumba
  • Photography
  • Public speaking/ Debating
  • Camp Craft
  • Carpentry
  • Nature Art
  • Beautifying the Environment
  • Cleaning the Environment
  • Eco Planting
  • Recycling
  • First Aid


Summer school is a fun learning program held during the holiday to fill in students’ time with beneficial activities. The program will take place during the summer holiday which is the interval of two academic years. So, while waiting for the next exciting academic year, students can gear up their knowledge and skills by joining the program. The activities held will mostly be project-based, covering all core subjects and conducted by enthusiastic teachers of Idrissi.


Apart from summer school program, we also offer short course programs. These diverse programs, ranging from academic to soft skills are organised by our experienced teachers who wish to share their skills and knowledge with our beloved kids during the holiday. Among the programs offered include photoshop course, English course, Mathematics course, Quranic course, public speaking course and so forth. The availability and the duration of each program will vary every year but the heterogeneity remains. We love to make it manifold and let the students make the choice!