Be The Change

Be The Change

These images aren’t nice.
They are sad, they are gory
but they are the reality of today.
They must be seen!
No matter how heart-breaking it is.


These images are now.
What our dear earth has come to.
Our Home!
And these helpless creatures of Allah,
if they can’t run fast enough….
they will suffer an unspoken painful death.


Unspoken because they have no voice.
They are powerless, their brains aren’t as advanced as human beings
Us! Whom Allah created with so much perfection.
But sadly, this privileged perfection
Is wasted on horrendous actions to the animals.


Just like K-Pop it is now a worldwide trend
Forest fires!
If we are so mean and stupid, we’ll wear it on our bodies like fashion. But we are not, and we will be the smart ones to stop to it.


Don’t say we have no power,
that our voices will not be heard
or that we’re too insignificant to help.
Those little hands you have in our homes?
They may one day be the hands that will stop it all,
the ruthless assassination of our planet earth.
The ones who would work hand-in-hand with their global comrades
to end once and for all the sufferings our environment has had to endure.
Those could be the hands whose duas Allah will hear and grant.
These little hands are our future and it is up to us
to mould and groom them.
With education – that starts from home.


Let’s spend this long weekend with the little hands in our homes
Our children!
By looking at these photos and maybe more on the internet.
Let’s be brave and tell them it is we who are at fault.
We careless humans but that only we too who can make it stop.
We need to spend some time to make our children understand
and know everything about the truth.
Why Forest Fires happen, why we sacrifice nature for money and power
And why we must have empathy and be responsible for all out actions
And all of the reactions that come after.
It is a choice.
We can make a difference.

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