BOOX : An Augmented Campaign for Dyslexia | Collaboration with IDRISSI School

BOOX : An Augmented Campaign for Dyslexia | Collaboration with IDRISSI School

Have you heard about dyslexia? What do you know about it?

Do you think that dyslexia is just a myth in a fiction book?

Maybe if you are Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, or Percy Jackson then YES you are dyslexic. But if you are just a normal kid from ordinary family then you just have to go to the optician and buy a new pair of glasses!

Believe it or not, based on the current research 1 out of 5 people has dyslexic but mostly hasn’t grasp the real meaning of their problem it until they grow as an adult. It is caused by the level of awareness of dyslexia is still in alarming condition. Most of the people in society tend to misunderstand the concept of dyslexia and treat it as a problem of behavior, motivation, vision or auditory problem. In fact, dyslexia is a complex information processing problem issue in the brain which can happen to anyone from any background which is categorized as one of the most common learning disabilities (around 10% of the world population), especially in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Visual perceptual distortion is the most unique symptom of dyslexia which caused the person sees letters as they run, jump, dance, rotate, multiply, fade, or others. In general there are seven observable visual distortion of dyslexia: halo, blurry, rivers, wash out, shaky, swirl, and seesaw. Even though dyslexia is a lifetime matter that can’t be cured but it can be treated through a proper assessment and education method. That’s why an early diagnosis is considered beneficial for dyslexic’s future. In order to do that, raising awareness and giving sufficient information to parents and teachers are the first step that we can take now.

Triggered by that perspective, BOOX comes as an initial step to empathize and raise the awareness of people about dyslexia. BOOX is a series of events initiated by Fonita Theresia Yoliando and in collaboration with the Faculty of Art & Design, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara and the De Institute of Creative Arts & Design, UCSI University and supported by Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia, Dyslexia Center Indonesia, and Pantara Foundation. The program consisted of an exhibition in the form of an augmented giant book that visualizes visual distortions experienced by dyslexics, collaborative exhibition with art & design students, seminars and sharing sessions, as well as relay games with prizes.

The first exhibition in Indonesia was held on 21 September – 6 October 2019 at Gramedia World Bookstore BSD, Tangerang, Banten. The event attracted quite a number of people from several age groups, especially young parents (20-39 years old). The participants of the seminar are 92 persons and the total visitors throughout the exhibition are 215 persons. In the opening ceremony, there were 3 speakers: Dr. Eng. Sumarsono, SE., MT., OCP., CEO and founder of Dyslexia Center Indonesia (Topic : How to Spot Dyslexia), Asih Nur Imda, M.Psi., a consultant psychologist of Pantara Special School, and Elia Adawiyah, S.Pd., a specialist teacher of Pantara Special School (Topic : Smart with Different Ways of Learning). At the end of the exhibition, visitors were encouraged to take part actively on the relay games related to dyslexia and got free merchandise. The highlight of the event was a giant augmented reality book (1.5 x 2 m) which illustrated the seven visual distortion of dyslexia through augmented reality and storytelling.

Based on this first exhibition, BOOX received many suggestions to reach out schools in sharing this information and awareness. We believe that having parents and teachers to understand about dyslexia is the most crucial to create a better environment and provide a better education for dyslexic people. Regarding that aim, BOOX will collaborate with IDRISSI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, SETIA ALAM, SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA to do a short exhibition on 2 November 2019. In this event, you can see students’ artworks (interactive posters, infographic, documentary videos, motion graphics, 2d animation video), experience the augmented reality book about dyslexia, take a photo at our photo area and upload it on social media to take part in raising awareness of dyslexia, as well as get the free merchandise: a limited edition waterproof tote bag of BOOX!

In conclusion, I believe that dyslexia is not a matter that can be solved single-handedly, not by government, not by schools, not by parents, but by US. ALL. TOGETHER. It’s not the condition that matters but the decision to take the first step to change. Because everything begins with a single small step and this can be ‘that’ step as long as you are with us. (FTY)

Written by : Fonita Theresia Yoliando

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