Our young adventurers are always out and about!


At IDRISSI International School, we help youths become leaders of tomorrow. For this reason, we are offering the opportunity for our young girls and boys to focus on the skills required during this critical transition.

After-School Club

Learning cannot, and should not, take place in the classroom only – we try to make learning as fun and as diverse as possible for the students. The Idrissi School’s after-school clubs enhance learning for both Primary and Secondary students. This After-School Club is a platform for the students to practice and sharpen their skills in preferred sports and activities. Our after-school clubs include badminton, football, archery, journalism, karate, and taekwondo.

Eco Adventure

The school organises eco-adventure school trips every other month – with the aim to educate the students through the first-hand experience with nature. Previous trips included Janda Baik, Pahang where students experienced river trekking, fishing, and outdoor cooking; an educational trip to Kuala Kubu Baru where students learned about the process of water treatment; and a recent adventure to Bagan Lalang to learn about the importance of mangrove forests as well as to replant mangrove plants.

Idrissi Cool-Curricular

The cool-curriculum involves courses planned and delivered by professionals and those experienced in their relevant fields. We believe that this is an essential part of development in the modern World and better equips our students for the future, Insha Allah. We have done a bike-ability course which introduced students to design factors, safety, repair and cleaning of a bike, cool art classes which exposed students to Islamic geometric patterns and map doodling, and we even had Malaysia’s very first Masterchef to teach and demonstrate to students how to cook a healthy meal!

Parents’ Volunteer

The school emphasises on active participation and involvement by parents in school activities – and parents love to take part! We have had some exciting activities conducted by our dear parents, including holding baking sessions, a unique 19th-century photography session, storytelling sessions, and arts & craft. Our parents are from diverse background and have a lot of different experiences and talents to share – which we welcome with open arms!

Eco Muslim Scouts

The Eco Muslim Scouts provides a holistic learning experience, encourages students to be eco-friendly and proactive even outside of school hours, teaches children self-initiative and exploration, instils good habits and eco-lifestyle, and develops leadership skills among the Scouts.

Eco Muslim Scouts will have the chance to experience:
– Backwoods Cooking – a method of cooking without the use of utensils
– Camp Craft – skill and practice in the activities relating to camping
– First Aid/Home Aid – basic safety and rescue techniques for minor injuries/situations
– Nature Collector – an extraordinary collection of things from nature
– Orienteering – a kind of sport that requires navigational skills to go from point to point using a map and a compass
– Photographer – the art and practice of creating durable images
– Archery – the sport, training or skill of using a bow to propel arrows