Family Explorace


Up for a great escape to the first virtual getaway of IDRISSI Family Day 2020? Jump into the screen with your family, complete the challenges in all continents and stand a chance to win CASH prizes!

An enjoyable, yet adventurous continent-hopping awaits you this year. Book your “flight tickets” with us now and lets the adventures begin!



9.30 am – 6.30 pm



Are you ready to virtually travel around the globe and spend a holiday with your beloved family members? Book your “flight ticket” now! And be prepared to fly high on December 19, 2020.

Kindly note that per family is allowed to book a minimum of THREE (3) and maximum of FIVE (5) “flight tickets” ONLY and it is compulsory for ALL IDRISSI students to be on board. Not having enough traveler to join this special holiday? Don’t worry! Call your cousins, uncles or aunties to be part of this wonderful journey and stand a chance to win CASH prizes!

1What is Trip Trip Hooray: Family Explorace?

Trip Trip Hooray: Family Explorace is a virtual explorace designed exclusively for the Family of IDRISSI to have an enjoyable, yet an adventurous vacation to several world’s continents during the school break. This programme is the continuation of our annual family day.

2Is it compulsory for IDRISSI students to participate?

Yes, it is compulsory for all IDRISSI International School students to participate in this programme.

3Is this programme open to the public?

This programme is open for families that have at least 1 (ONE) student of IDRISSI International School as the participant. If a group does not meet the requirement, they will not be eligible to join.

4How many participants are needed in a group?

A minimum of THREE (3) and a maximum of FIVE (5) participants are required to participate.

5What if my team does not meet the minimum number of participants?

Extended family such as cousins, aunties and uncles are allowed to join your team.

6What do I need to prepare for the explorace?

The items that you need will be briefed before the event day.

7What will be the criteria to win?

Winners will be chosen based on speed, accuracy of the answers, creativity and teamwork.

8Who should I appoint as the captain of my team? Can I be the captain?

It is advisable for each team to appoint parents or a family member aged 15 years old and above as the captain, as well as to be the main point-of-communication.

9Is there a door gift that we are supposed to receive upon registration?

Yes, there will be a door gift exclusive for IDRISSI International School’s students. Parents need to fill in their current address in this form for the gift to be sent directly to the doorstep. In case if students do not receive the gift yet after filling in the form, kindly contact us at this number: 03-3359 1310

10What if I do not have the items listed in the Task Kit?

Don’t worry, you are free to use other substitute items that you can find at home, up to your creativity.

11If I need to change any details that I have given in the form, do I need to re-register?

No, you can contact our team directly for any adjustment.

12What are the judging criteria of each task?

The judges will look into task completion, time, involvement, creativity and presentation.

13What are the prizes to be won and how many teams will be the winners?

The prizes to be won are worth RM3,000 and the winners will be announced

14Do we need to turn on our webcams during the trip?

No, webcam is not required during the trip. However, you are required to snap a photo for your task submission.

15Is task two compulsory?

All tasks are compulsory to be completed as a prerequisite for each team to fly to the next country.

16If we manage to finish earlier than the allocated time, can we move on to the next stage?

Yes, you can move on to the next stage if you finish early.

17If there are five participants, do we need five computers? Do all five participants need to submit a form each?

No, each team needs to send only one form and it can be sent by the team captain. You can develop your own strategy as long as you are able to submit the form and browse on Google Maps to find all the answers, hence it is not necessary to have five computers.

18Can we use Google Earth?

No, it is advisable to use Google Maps for the accuracy of the places and coordinates.

19How to use the yellow man?

You can drag and drop the yellow man onto the places or coordinates that your team will be asked during the trip. Once you have dropped the yellow man, you can move around by following the direction given in the question.

20What if I could not find the yellow man?

To find the yellow man, you will need to use a computer or laptop. Using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will not guarantee you to get the help from the yellow man.

21Will the tasks need to be done separately in a group? Do each team member need to prepare the items?

For parents and students, you will work as a team and you can refer back on the Task Kit for the preparation guide. For teachers and staff, your tasks will be different from the parents and students. You can use any usable / recycled items that you can find at home.

22Do we need to take photos during the trip?

Just like other trips, you would want to take photos for the memories. But, be prepared with your smartphone to take photos in case there will be a photo-taking task.

23What if I got stuck during the trip?

You can contact our helpline at 03-3359 1310 (WhatsApp).

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