LEGO®-Based Therapy Programme for Autism

LEGO®-Based Therapy Programme for Autism


“This therapy is slightly different to other approaches to teach social skills, because children learn in the moment, whilst they are having fun building LEGO® together. It’s enjoyable, flexible and low anxiety for the children” – Dr. Gina Gomez.


What is LEGO®-based therapy? And who is it for? 


LEGO®-based therapy is a social development program that helps children with Autism spectrum disorders and related social communication difficulties such as Asperger’s syndrome. It is based on the highly structured systematic and predictable nature of bricks building play which makes it appealing to children with social communication difficulties who are particularly attracted by the system.


Much more than simply playing and building LEGO® bricks, LEGO®-based therapy includes the presence of the therapist who guides the children and encourages them to address and resolve their problems such as:


  1. Communicate with others
  2. Change their behaviors
  3. Express their feelings
  4. Develop problems-solving skills
  5. Develop a relationship with the world around them


How does LEGO®-based therapy work? 


It’s a multisensory and versatile experience, which means it can be tailored to suit each child’s individual needs. Here are the steps that are followed during the program: 


  1. Each child learn a clear set of rules.
  2. They are then introduced to a group of other children, including some who don’t have social skill deficits. 
  3. Everyone in the group agrees upon a project that is achievable for everyone involved. 
  4. Each child is assigned a role for the project. Roles are rotated throughout the play.
  5. The group works together to build the bricks structure according to the principle of play therapy. 


What are the outcomes of brick building therapy? 

LEGO®-based therapy results in better communication skills for children with autism and other social communication disorders. This specific type of play therapy also improves children’s abilities to change their behavior, understand and talk about their feelings, solve problems and learn about the world in which they live. 


Join us for a free consultation! 

5 – 12 years olds are welcomed! Let your child works in a small group and play a role (supplier, builder and engineer). Let them talk, listen and negotiate with each other to complete a LEGO® model – all under the caring, expert guidance of an experienced therapeutic play practitioner.

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