Meet Our Teachers

We pride ourselves on attracting the best teachers from around the world.


Head of Academics

Julie Wong

BSc of Science in Business Administration, majoring in International Business from the USA

I’m a Malaysian with a Degree in Business Administration, majoring in International Business from the USA. I have vast experience in the business world and along the way, happened to jump by an opportunity to teach in an international school overseas. Ever since then, it planted a love for children’s education into my heart, and soon I became more and more involved in the education field.

When I returned to Malaysia, I joined Idrissi School during its early months, being among the first handful of pioneers in Idrissi. It has indeed been a fantastic experience working here alongside my fellow estimable teachers in such a unique Eco-Islamic environment. But more than anything, it is the success of every child in this school that makes my job as Education Manager such a rewarding one.

Key Stage 2 Coordinator

Tunku Puteri Amelia

Masters in Guidance and Counselling

Teaching has always been my passion, as it reveals my inner desire to help others, to impart my knowledge, and to sail in the minds of others. I believe that it’s Allah’s way to teach me patience and I consider this opportunity as a blessing as Allah has chosen me to be part of this journey. It may not be easy, but I know it will be beautiful. InsyaAllah with HIS blessings.

FLiP Educator

Shabbir bin Zoher

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

My growing appreciation towards the beautiful, strong impact education can deliver on building individuals and to a more significant extent, making an ummah led me to a journey and profession in the education industry. I understand the importance of the right attitude, support, mindset, and skills to bring out the best in people. I wish to impart to students of knowledge that education is not something you can finish. I live by these words: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will remember what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou, poet

VEP Educator

Suffian As-Sauri Samsuddin

Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration – International Business)

I am passionate and interested in building strong and inspiring personalities who will be dedicated to equipping themselves with revealed and conventional knowledge. I can well contribute by bringing business strategies and various others into classroom education.

Art Educator

Nur Fiqah Bt Mohd Qari

MA Art & Design in Education

Art making to me is more significant than engaging with our senses and creating aesthetically pleasing objects. Its creative process involves making meaning, which often requires a practitioner to observe and negotiate contradictions. By bringing students to explore different arrays of cultures and worldviews, as well as encouraging personal responses, I aspire to not only train students to produce beautiful forms but also be conscious of the formation of its ‘soul’. Through this facilitation, I hope students will mature into individuals with a great sense of empathy and the ability to comprehend matters beyond its surface, which is essential for their intellectual and spiritual growth.

English Educator

Nur Amalina Mohd Sharif

Bachelor of Education in TESOL

I enjoy surrounding myself with young children and have a strong passion for sharing my experience with people. Hence, I join the education world because I think that is the best platform for me to express myself and to walk hand in hand with the younger generation to face the world outside. I want to be part of their life experience, seeing them changing for the better – whatever aspect it might be. I also see teaching as more than a career but a responsibility that goes beyond the school gate.

Preschool Coordinator

Wong Yee Wen Binti Abdullah

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Care & Education) Hons

I firmly believe that a right healthy community and the full world starts from the grassroots – young children. The early years are crucial to help our young ones learn and develop, explore and see, and to build their inner core of who they are as individuals.

Each child is unique; thus the whole child development method is always applied in every aspect of children’s learning. I love to engage young children in exploration, enabling them to try and question – developing them into thinkers, thus opening their minds. Equip them with plenty of hands-on experiences, and they will develop into all-rounded individuals. I enjoy watching children grow & being a part of their learning and growing journey. I see myself as a nursery gardener, nurturing the little ones, just like looking after a seedling, to one day grow into a great tree!

Key Stage 1 Coordinator

Haliza Binti Idris

Master in Education (Management and Administration)

Being a person with most of my family are educators, it is so blessing to be with Idrissi International School. In the management field, I choose to follow my passion as an educator. After eight years in a school environment, I continue my journey in this field in higher education institution for another five years, and now here I am, play my role as a KS1 Coordinator. Currently, I pursue my study in PhD level in early childhood education because of my passion in the educational field is never end. All I know is that my greatest desire is teaching. I love to be with young kids; I like to contribute something to them. Because I believed, a passionate teacher can make a difference to their students.   I have the opportunity to impact the lives of students, and I take that role seriously. Each student enters the classroom with a unique and valuable set of life experiences, and my goal is to help students better understand their lives and the broader social world where they live. May Allah help us to build a better ummah and grant us with Jannah, Amiin

Head of Islamic Department

Assane Buana Ossofo

Master Comparative Laws / Bachelor in Islamic Studies (Islamic Law)

I genuinely believe that commitment to providing the students with the highest possible quality education is an essential part of every teacher. As a teacher and an educator, I think we have to be passionate in teaching to deliver the knowledge in exciting ways. Perhaps, it is my obligation as an educator to make sure that students get the best education and experience to achieve their goals.