Nature-based Preschool

"Change Begins” - Let the kids be kids and the change begins

“We could never have loved the earth so well if he had no childhood in it.” – George Eliot-

IDRISSI Nature-based Preschool is a licensed kindergarten under the Ministry of Education Malaysia and CAMBRIDGE International Pre-School program. We follow the mandated Kindergarten curriculum in an innovative nature-based outdoor and indoor play learning concept with Islamic principles of learning.

In line with Jean Piaget’s popular view that children are ‘little scientists’, here in Idrissi, we bring the playground to our inquisitive children. We believe that ‘playground’ should not be limited to the indoor slides, see-saws, swings and the monkey bars but it is everything around them. We encourage our children to get their hands a little dirty exploring creatures in the farm, barn and fishpond.  Recent studies document the importance of introducing children to the natural world, beginning in the early years. In fact, humans are hardwired to need nature—because we are part of the symbiosis created by Allah SWT.

In our IDRISSI Nature-based Preschool classroom, we may highlight a live creature – every day each learning point offers natural items in its learning activities. These are intentionally selected to invite children’s interest. We introduce natural materials that will challenge and inspire children’s thinking which will be our main Learning Objectives for every subject and its learning points. These include findings from the beach, forest, and other ecosystems.

For IDRISSI Nature-based preschoolers, learning about what is in one’s backyard is a great place to start! It is where children can get up close and personal with the environment. This kind of learning prepares children for the primary grades when they will deepen their nature knowledge by learning about the world at large, beyond the Literacy and Numeracy.

There can never be too much nature inside a classroom! It is the antidote to the fast-paced, stressful world in which our young children live.

IDRISSI Nature-based preschool incorporates the following learning programmes which provide the balance of PLAY and LEARN:-

1) Early Childhood Learning Programme
– A full-day program from 8 am to 3 pm
– A small ratio of 1 teacher + 1 facilitator: 25 students

2) QURANIC reading and learning values

3) Morning ZEN TIME of Communication & Critical Thinking

4) LITERACY with Early Childhood Nature-based learning
– CAMBRIDGE International School

5) NUMERACY with Early Childhood Nature-based learning
– CAMBRIDGE International School

6) Children Physical Fitness