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IDRISSI Nature-based Preschool is a licensed kindergarten under the Ministry of Education Malaysia, following the mandated Kindergarten curriculum in an innovative nature-based outdoor and indoor play learning concept with life values principles of learning.


IDRISSI Nature-Based Preschool offers wonderful adventures that await children in every corner. To fuel children’s natural wonder and make learning more vibrant, our corner-based learning is bookless and using skills-centric mediums.


The preschool is now open for special needs children with a passionate Personal Learning Assistant (PLA) to support better learning experience one to one.


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We are the first preschool in Malaysia adopting this concept – an art space where students can freely experiment (and get messy!) with a variety of art mediums and techniques such as finger painting, colour mixing, building three-dimensional objects and lots more. The corner also provides a variety of sensory materials for the students to create and work with, such as homemade playdough or silly putty.


This allows our students the opportunity to strengthen the muscles in their little fingers and hands which is essential for fine motor control and development. Students also feel good while they are creating art and this helps to boost self-confidence. They are free to participate in art projects that changes daily and coincide with the weekly subtheme and subject. The best part is that they can take their work of art home to show to their parents!


The Safe Corner is an environment where a student can express him or herself freely to the teacher in charge, especially challenged learners who have social and educational difficulties, such as students who are shy, cannot express themselves or have low self-confident. This is achieved by conducting social skills activities that teach the students how to be a good listener, take turns, make friends, practice empathy, manage big emotions, and more.


The Safe Corner offers a lot of benefits to our students in developing their pro-social skills. This is an especially important aspect to address as research has shown that academic success of a child in the first few years of school is significantly based on the development of his/her social and emotional skills.


An outdoor (garden) corner where students explore nature-related skills and concepts. This corner gives students an opportunity to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and pleasant place. Students can learn new skills, have fun playing while developing self-confidence and teamwork through various activities such as tending to plants and growing their own food together. Most of our students enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow.


Our plants thrive and grow by absorbing sunshine, and so do our students. Time spent outdoors is beneficial for our students emotional and physical wellbeing. Involvement in gardening generates a sense of purpose, while soil under their little fingernails is a healthy sign of connecting to nature! Handling a delicate seed or seedling provides them with a tactile connection to life. They also harvest the lettuce, carrots, and herbs they grow and turn them into tasty nutrient-rich snacks of goodness for their growing body.


When literacy class is a great mixture of phonics, storytelling, songs, blending and segmenting, then you have to know that you are in IDRISSI Preschool. There’s also a lot of drama as well as Show and Tell time.


At the Literacy Corner, students not only improve their conversation in English, they also learn how to take turn to speak, respect others, improve their listening skills and gain more self-confidence.IDRISSI Preschool utilises the widely known Jolly Phonics syllabus as an aid to teach our students pronunciation using fun and energetic methods.


When you’re in Numeracy Corner prepare to be surrounded by lots of silly numbers, fun shapes, joyful patterns and lots more! Students are greeted by Mr. Happy Addition and Mr. Angry Subtraction!


In this corner we use a lot of creative media like sand, water, imaginative play, dough and even nature to let our students learn about the basic skills in math like numbers, sorting shapes, addition, subtraction, fraction, creating patterns, solving simple monetary problem and so much more!


In Numeracy Corner, we let our children watch the plants grow and they measure their own plants using simple items such as blocks, rocks or even sticks!


It is important to entertain a child’s curiosity. As they find almost everything magical, this corner lets them discover new things and keep their fascination alive with slime, plants and earth.


Circle Time is a morning ritual at IDRISSI Preschool. It can’t be any nicer than having to start the day huddled together at Circle Time with your beloved teacher and friends. During Circle Time, students share their thoughts and feelings, and are briefed about the day’s plan and activities.


Circle Time is a great way for our students to experience a sense of community and belonging with each other while enhancing their social skills and improving their attention span.

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