Play Therapy Programme @ IDRISSI

Play Therapy Programme @ IDRISSI

What is Play Therapy?

The establishment of IDRISSI Play Therapy Programme started when we felt a crucial call to help parents who are concerned about their children’s behaviour. We believe that by putting “play” in the essence of the child’s healing process it will let them express themselves better than words.


Our play therapy sessions are helpful for children with any behavioural and emotional problems. Unlike the games they usually play, our play therapy sessions are infused with an Integrative Holistic model that helps children ages 3-12 to explore their lives and freely express the repressed thoughts and emotions through playing different range of toys.


IDRISSI Play Therapy Programme is a safe, comfortable playroom where very few rules or limits are imposed on the child, encouraging free expression and allowing our well-trained practitioner to observe the child’s choices, decisions, and play style.


After the sessions, children will be able to express themselves in healthier ways, become more respectful and empathetic, and discover new and more positive ways to solve problems.


Why does a child need Play Therapy?

Our child’s lifetime has a long and knotty phase to face. Among the emotional and behavioral issues that can be detrimental to children’s development are:


  1. Always feel sad and fear
  2. Neglected
  3. Learning disorder (ADHD, Autism)
  4. Anxiety disorder
  5. Difficult life events such as parental divorce
  6. Shy & low self-esteem
  7. Anger management issue (throws tantrum)
  8. Bullying, violence and abuse

The importance of Play Therapy

The curative powers inherent in play are used in many ways. Our therapeutic play practitioner utilizes play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when they do not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings. In our play therapy sessions, toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language. That is how our practitioner could help children learn more adaptive behaviors when there are emotional or social skills deficits.


The positive relationship that develops between our therapeutic play practitioner and your children during each session can provide a corrective emotional experience necessary for healing. It may also be used to promote cognitive development and provide insight about resolution of inner conflicts or dysfunctional thinking in the child.


We are among the pioneering provider of certified play therapy in Malaysia with the goal to produce healthier children mentally and physically in facing any challenges at every stage of life.


For more info, contact us at Play Therapy Programme @ IDRISSI and schedule a free consultation. Limited slots available.

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