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They say that school is a child’s second home, and here in IDRISSI, that is exactly how the students feel. Just take a walk around the school and one can immediately feel the “homely” vibes it gives out, be it indoors or in the school compounds. This “homely” vibes are not merely the result of how the school is physically different – vibrant coloured surroundings, farm patches and domestic animals that range from pond turtles to goats – but also from the people who give the school its energy – the teachers.

Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with teachers who are not only dedicated but are truly caring and willing to go the extra mile for students. Every year, the bond between teachers and students are strengthened thanks to a variety of unique school activities that usually involves elements of nature and environment conservation. Programmes held are usually designed to include the involvement of teachers, students and even parents. The tripartite system is pretty much strong in IDRISSI School because we do believe that it takes a village to raise a child and thus the parents have a rightful involvement in their child’s education process.

From preschool right up to secondary level, your child will get a wholesome experience in his or her education here in IDRISSI School with the exposure and opportunities we give them. As you may already know, we don’t believe in 100% classroom learning, and we frequently take our students out to give them an opportunity to develop broader perspectives on life and in learning.

Education is my no. 1 passion in life, and I believe that good communication is the key ineffective education. My office is always open for students to come and let me know of their concerns, and certainly, it is always open for you to discuss on how IDRISSI School can provide the best in your child’s learning.


Julie Wong


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