Summer Adventures for Little Minds

Summer Adventures for Little Minds

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss,/p>

You sure have heard of this quote and indeed, discovering knowledge and gaining experience open up a world of endless possibilities and opportunities. Just because school’s out and summer is around, it doesn’t mean the learning should stop. In fact, we are opening the door for fun explorations and adventures through IDRISSI Summer School Programmes. Watch your little ones embark on a thrilling journey filled with captivating activities, interactive learning and joyous discoveries.

Curious why you should enrol your children in IDRISSI Summer School? Wonder no more! Here, we have listed down the reasons!

Explore New Talent

The first step is the most important step of all – we all need to begin somewhere. Our first move sets us off on a journey to discover new things about ourselves. Imagine a child who enjoys watching science experiment videos like making a lava lamp or mini volcano. That’s where IDRISSI Summer School comes in! Children can actively engage in our science experiments, guided by the teachers and alongside their friends. Through our fun-filled hands-on activities, they can develop their interests, possibly stumbling upon their true passion and talent along the way. Who knows, they might become scientists one day!

Make New Friends, Yay!

Did you know that IDRISSI Summer School warmly welcomes external students too? YES! It’s a perfect opportunity for children to learn, grow and forge new friendships from all walks of life. Every student has their own personality, which adds to the vibrance and diversity of the learning experience. The interactive activities can help them to make conversation, practise attentive listening and build teamwork. You will love seeing your children expanding their social circle – they'll have plenty of stories to tell! After all, experiences are elevated to new heights of joy when shared with friends!

Take a Break from Devices

Sometimes, disconnecting is the best way to connect! Imagine the joy on your child's face as they explore their creativity through hands-on activities like building, crafting, moulding and playing. Once they take a break from swiping and scrolling their phones or watching videos online in the comfort of their beds and start using all their five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste, it will be a whole new world of excitement and engagement. It lets them be truly present in the moment and enjoy the world around them. Let's embrace the fun discovery and joyful learning in OUR world!

Confidence Boosters

A transformative experience begins at IDRISSI Summer School as the teachers work together to nurture children’s potential, boost their confidence and celebrate their accomplishments. The students may have varying personalities, ranging from outgoing to shy. However, through engaging in two-way conversations with teachers and peers and participating in activities, children can gradually build their confidence and break out of their shells. Not to mention, it will be an ideal platform for them to start speaking in public through their casual sharing of experience and little achievements.

Beat Boredom Blues

Let’s imagine these two scenarios:Scenario A: A child is wandering at home, thinking of things to do to keep themselves entertained other than having their eyes glued to the screen.Scenario B: A child is having a great time participating in activities, learning new things and surrounded by supportive teachers and friends.If we need to vote on which is the best scenario for our child, we’d definitely choose the latter! IDRISSI Summer School is the right place to keep your children engaged and entertained with our various programmes. Say hello to a summer holiday filled with memorable experiences and fantastic adventures. They will be too busy being curious, creative and critical that they forget how to be bored.


Let your children make the most of their summer holiday at IDRISSI Summer School Programme, where they can bloom and thrive in an inspiring learning ambience. The new intake for 2023/2024 is now open! Enrol your little ones and let them experience learning in our homely eco-school!

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