Virtual Route Ranger


Get ready to enter a secret route and make your escape! Jump into the screen and you will be sent to a strange land that needs you to move around and explore exciting twists and turns until you reach the final touchdown. Ride or hide, it’s all your call!

Register now and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes!



9.30 am – 1.00 pm



Begin your own adventure in the virtual world. Can you escape the virtual, secret route before the time runs out? Exclusive prizes await! Register now.

Open to external students aged 10-16 years.

1What is Virtual Route Ranger?

Virtual Route Ranger is a virtual explorace that will bring participants to exciting places to complete missions within a time limit. Open for external students aged 10-16 years.

2What does it mean by external students?

External student is the public who is not a student of IDRISSI International School and is not a relative or children of any teachers or staff of the school.

3Can I join in as a group?

No, this explorace is open to individual category only.

4If I need to change any details that I have given in the form, do I need to re-register?

No, you can contact our helpline directly at 03-3359 1310 (WhatsApp) for any adjustment.

5What should I prepare for the explorace?

You will need a laptop or desktop computer with stable internet connection, and an access to webinar, Google Form and Google Maps.

6Can we use Google Earth?

No, it is advisable to use Google Maps for the accuracy of the places and coordinates.

7What will be the criteria to win?

Winners will be chosen based on speed and accuracy of the answers.

8What are the prizes to be won?

Exclusive prizes await and will be announced on the day of the event.

9Do we need to turn on our webcams during the explorace?

No, webcam is not required during the explorace

10Is it compulsory to answer all questions?

All questions are compulsory to be answered within the time frame given.

11How to use the yellow man?

You can drag and drop the yellow man onto the places or coordinates that you will be asked during the event. Once you have dropped the yellow man, you can move around by following the direction given in the question.

12What if I could not find the yellow man?

To find the yellow man, you will need to use a desktop computer or laptop. Using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will not guarantee you to get help from the yellow man.

13What if I got stuck during the event?

You can contact our helpline at 03-3359 1310 (WhatsApp).

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