Welcome To IDRISSI

Idrissi is a homely school made of love. We water our children with love and guide them to seed love for the creator of all, Allah SWT and all his creations. In the heart of a city, we bring our children closer to the nature by getting them involved in petting our farm animals and taking care of the greens in our mini garden in the name of learning.

The school was conceived by founders – who are themselves parents – who believe that learning should not be limited to the classroom, or that memorising is the only way to learn.

Idrissi School is a community within a community. We teach a three-sided partnership where teachers, parents, and students assume a shared responsibility to make the school a success and to develop wholesome children. We draw upon the strengths and talents of parents – the original home educators – to create a positive impact and outcome on our student’s learning. We encourage parents to join school events, to chaperone school field trips and to engage with fruitful discussion with our cordial teachers to enrich our curriculum by sharing their experiences and skills.

Building upon this partnership allows parents to have a deeper bond with their children and creates a more meaningful school-guardian relationship for shared decision making and school improvement efforts.

Our school is a welcoming, homely and inclusive school where students of all backgrounds are equally valued. It is a place where Islamic values are nourished and exemplified in all facets of school life. We pride ourselves in providing a safe sanctuary for our students where they can thrive confidence and self-esteem. We strive to fuel their thirst for enthusiasm and learning.

At Idrissi School, we also place importance on “Learning Outside The Classroom” and ensuring that our students understand the modern relevance of learning. Our school facilities include modern science labs, ICT suites as well as libraries. The jewel in our crown is our organic eco garden attended to by our very own enthusiastic students, teachers, parents and guards!

Idrissi School is also pioneering education that combines sustainability with Islamic virtues. We are proud to be the world’s only and first Islamic Eco-School. The school’s just-like-home environment is the backdrop to a curriculum that is both formal and informal.

Our other specialities include a small patch garden for students to grow their vegetables which, upon harvesting, are enjoyed at our open rooftop cafeteria. Our yard is an extension of the indoor learning classroom, brought out to the open air.

We do compost, care for our pet goats and chickens, and recycle waste materials. Meanwhile, the basketball, futsal and football courts offer the children the chance to run around before, after or in between classes.