IDRISSI Trial Online Schooling

IDRISSI Trial Online Schooling

Have you heard of Trial Online Schooling?

A trial class may only give you a pinch of sweetness but a full trial online schooling will give you something real and extra! Your child will not want to escape these classes.

If you see, the current situation has indeed made online learning should no longer be seen as just a short-term programme but instead, the heart of learning itself. That’s how big it is to our child’s future. If your child has been encountering difficulties, we are here to help and let your children re-evaluate and try out a series of online classes with our Trial Online Schooling!

With a registration fee of RM50, your child can enjoy up to eight (8) lessons online that will keep them immersed. The session will be held every Saturday in July and August.

Having highly creative and digitally competent educators are part of our specialties—IDRISSI School’s educators are changemakers. Worry no more about boring classes, falling behind syllabus or postponement of exams, IDRISSI School is always ready to guide you through. CLICK HERE to register!