The Golden Heritage of the World Exhibition Coming Soon!

The Golden Heritage of the World Exhibition Coming Soon!

After two years of absence, our most awaited main event is set to make a comeback with the Golden Heritage of the World Exhibition on 26 February 2022. The Golden Age Inventions Exhibition and The Golden Wonders of the World Exhibition were among the pioneering series with a crowd of over 2,000 visitors.

Last year, the event was replaced with “Pandemic Passage”, a virtual art exhibition made of students’ heartfelt artworks from paintings, poetry, short film to clay arts. All the funds had been directed to The Malaysia Thoracic Society to help those suffering from COVID-19; especially with the rising need of medical supplies for Category 4 and 5 in Selangor.

This time, there will be 16 countries showcased in the exhibition such as Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Greece, Egypt, Netherlands, Indonesia, Mexico, Germany, Yemen, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, China, Bosnia and Japan. One thing that these countries have in common is the cultural richness and diversity.

Leading up to the event, the school has been abuzz with the preparation as the students and teachers have diligently started making booth decorations, activities and performances, which we can say are full with elements of surprises. There will be signature artefacts on display, traditional costumes, games, food-tasting and more waiting for you.

Being in an international ecosystem, respect and understanding lie at the heart of our family. We believe this will be a good learning process that our children can enjoy while getting to know new cultures. Despite them not being able to learn first hand by setting their foot on each of the countries, this will be a priceless experience that they could not find anywhere else.

Unlike the previous exhibitions, the Golden Heritage of the World Exhibition will not be open to the public this year. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be open only to the IDRISSI School family and GAINS Education Group family. Crowd control will be implemented to ensure steady flow and safety of the attendees.

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