Can you imagine hopping from one world’s wonder to another?

From the breathtaking sea of colourful Great Barrier Reefs, edge of the Grand Canyon to the peak of Mount Everest, counting countless steps of Great Wall of China, everything is hop-able at the IDRISSI School – Golden Wonders of the World Exhibition!



So buckle up! Set your REMINDER a week, two days, and a day before so you won’t miss this trip that will be perfect for a quick weekend escape.

Don’t forget to bring over your little architects, researchers, designers, engineers, photographers, teachers, and explorers at home because this is the place for them to freely hop around the globe in a new way and get an out-of-box experience to fire their imagination. Stay a chance to GRAB FREE GIFTS from us!


As you walk and stop, and learn and see, you can celebrate and ponder upon the wonders of the world that store thousands of secrets, and give an opportunity to our IDRISSI young, creative minds to showcase and share the enjoyable experience of learning beyond classroom.

When the hidden stories are told and the designs are treasured, they make our hearts beat with wonder. To once again realize that the world we live in is more beautiful than we always think it is.