Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

On the 17th July 2020, IDRISSI International School had arranged to film a video in collaboration with the hashtag promoted by Tourism Malaysia: #travellahlokal. This video that will be premiered on 7th August 2020 was made specially for IDRISSI family as a replacement for our annual year-end program. The travelogue program featured students of Year 5 and Year 6 as actors, and with the help of the crew of IDRISSI super-teachers.

Behind the Scenes
The total number of weeks we had to arrange our performance was 3 weeks. This means that, we had very little time to prepare.

Week 1: Week 1 was definitely the most chaotic; all of us didn’t know what to do and most of the work fell on the teachers in charge. The teachers were scrambling everywhere to make sure we had roles, a script and had everything in order.
Week 2: Week 2 was more controlled since everyone knew what to do. The week was filled with practice, practice and more practice. Over the course of these 3 weeks, we barely had any classes; the only ones we did have were the first few ones and the last ones. Nevertheless, they did say that practice makes perfect (or at least, decent).
Week 3: The last week had come. As long as our performance was decent enough, it would be fine. Even though the day was arriving soon, we kept going – practice, practice, and more practice. Our hard work was finally going to pay off: it was time. The spotlight dawned on us.

The Spotlight
Although the day of filming was here, we had no worries. Everyone’s hard work shone through during filming. Even though we didn’t have full confidence in our performance, we were still proud of what we did. A few hours later, we had our freedom. The filming was done! We truly enjoyed our freedom, but we also knew that this was an experience to come back to.

End Scene
After filming, we were exhausted out of the heat and constant adrenalin. Therefore, we gladly stayed in our classes. Some students gathered with their friends to watch Shrek. The mood was light and cheerful. The heaviness on our shoulders was lifted off. It was all smiles from ear to ear.

All in all, the experience, although draining, was something to remember for years to come. All the teachers were proud of the students. Not everyone would agree that this was the best experience, but hopefully this experience would be one part of our future selves.

Written by Nuha Mior Azly, 6 Happiness