What to Do During Quarantine?

What to Do During Quarantine?


Being stuck at home can get boring. With this Covid-19 keeping you at home, what are you going to possibly do? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to fight boredom.

1. Bullet journal Use your spare time to update your personal journal. Write down your thoughts, what you ate today and whatever you feel about the coronavirus. Trying new layouts, and keeping track of more important aspects in your life in a bullet journal is something productive and fun for your mental wellness. Boosting your creativity is another benefit of keeping a bullet journal.

2. Call a long-lost friend You could also use this time to catch up with someone you have lost touch with. Try calling a friend or a family member and ask them how they have been and what has happened since you last saw them. You could also video call them to keep each other entertained. This could not only help you avoid yourself from boredom, but also your friends’ or family members’.

3. Do a workout While many websites encourage you to watch Netflix and go through social media, it is also good to stay active. If you do not have any exercise equipment, you could run up and down the stairs, use milk cartons as weights and use workout videos on social media. Just remember to stay hydrated and eat a proper diet because the way to a flat stomach is 20% of fitness and 80% of a healthy diet.

In conclusion, remember to stay healthy and stay active in this Covid-19 pandemic. Other activities you could do are bonding with your family, writing a letter to your future self or a science experiment (you could even find the cure to the coronavirus). Just remember to stay safe and be careful.

By Irdina (6 Justice)