Why You Need to Know Your Child’s Teachers

Why You Need to Know Your Child’s Teachers

Always keep in mind that your children will be spending most of their time supervised and taken care of by teachers at school, hence it is very important to get to know them before sending them somewhere.


Try to slowly build a tripartite relationship between you, your child and teachers. This can be done by:

1. Talking to them

2. Attending a trial class

3. Joining programmes


These are the basics, which are often free and open to the public.


Do you know?


Some kinds of maltreatments often happen in unregistered learning centers, nursery and babysitters. In a study, 39 children have at least experienced abuse and in six of the cases, parents have never met the caretakers personally.

As for children of higher primary to secondary, a stressful school environment may exhaust them mentally and physically. It is vital to know what kind of energy that the teachers would spread at school. By interacting with them, you and your child will have it easy the next day.

Never leave your children to those with no adequate experience and supervision. Children are very young to understand it, but as parents we would not want to see them coming home unhappy - not because of toys but something that they could not say it by themselves.

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