IDRISSI School Celebrates Impressive Results for Year 6’s Cambridge Checkpoint 2021

IDRISSI School Celebrates Impressive Results for Year 6’s Cambridge Checkpoint 2021

Despite the challenges and obstacles of learning online, the Year 6 students of IDRISSI International School have made it through, and to end their primary school journey, the school prepared a graduation party to celebrate remarkable achievements in the recent Cambridge Checkpoint 2021.

There is a huge increase in the average score of the subjects in the Cambridge Checkpoint 2021 results, especially in Science despite being in these uncertain times. The subject achieved the highest average score throughout its five years of Checkpoint in IDRISSI School’s history.

Overall, IDRISSI School has accomplished several breakthroughs in the Cambridge Checkpoint with the increase of percentage in Band 6 achievers.

Congratulations Farris Abdul Muhaimin, Faris Haziq Fairuz Helmi, Illiyin Ivalia Effizal, Hafsa Noman Aftab, Muhammad Luqmanul Hakim Mohd Yazrie, Rayhan Adam Chaerul Azhar and Ameer Ashraf Mohd Fazli for straight band 6 for all subjects!

The school also celebrated the Valedictorian Award recipient, Farris Abdul Muhaimin who excelled both academically and extracurricularly. In his speech, he quoted the poet Alfred Mercier, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget,” which tells of his learning experience at IDRISSI School. Farris also won the recent International Roboticists Challenge 2021.

Congratulations to excellent achievers who receive the honourable mentions that night, Ahmad Adlam Mizan Mohd Hamizan, Miaa Anggun Nareesya Mohd Zamri, Muhammad Aryan Hamidun, Nur Sabrina Amni Mohd Fazli and Tazfeq Shazel Mohd Tazrin for excellent results and participations at school.

We are very proud to celebrate all the high achievers and excellent graduates! We wish you all the best in your secondary school journey!