Congratulations to IDRISSI School’s IGCSE Graduates of 2020!

Congratulations to IDRISSI School’s IGCSE Graduates of 2020!

IDRISSI International School’s IGCSE Graduates, Class of 2020


It was a night to remember for all teachers, parents and students as we celebrated and recognised the hard work and achievements of our graduating Year 11, who are among the pioneering batch of IDRISSI International School.

It started with a welcoming speech from our motherly Principal Julie, who had been watching over the graduates and being with them since their first baby steps. What more, her warm presence that gives a lasting impact to each and everyone in IDRISSI.

Recognising the excellent results achieved by the graduates amidst the pandemic, she said, “Despite the difficult times, I am so proud that all the graduates managed to pass through this difficult time with optimism and perseverance.”

Principal Julie, looking at each of the graduates’ faces while giving her speech


“I know some of you will be away from home and your family. So, do take a good care of yourself and may you always be in good care of Allah,” leaving the graduates with her final warm words.

Coming right from a mother herself, we saw parents nod their heads in agreement. As from the graduates’ seats, a mix of emotions was felt when they heard genuine words and advice from the principal that we believe many parents would want to convey that often left unspoken.

The ceremony continued with a speech from the Guest of Honour, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noraini Idris, the Chairman of National STEM. Not only did she come to grace the ceremony, but we were deeply touched by her move, spending her time talking one-on-one with each graduate.

“I managed to talk to all of them, they are totally different.” said Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noraini Idris, as she was impressed by the sessions that she had with the graduates.

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noraini Idris


As a mother of two successful entrepreneurs, she also shared important life lessons that she gained from her education and parenting journey to all the attendees.

“Do not mould your children to be the same person that you are. Let them do,” she addressed, reminding parents to let children choose what to do, which reflected her success as a parent, regardless of her renowned success in Mathematics.

The ceremony was followed by the commencement of the graduates by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noraini Idris, accompanied by Principal Julie Wong, presenting the certificates of achievement to all graduates.

They also presented two high achievers of IGCSE 2020 with Valedictorian and Salutatorian Awards.

  • Valedictorian – Muhammad Danish Shah
  • Salutatorian – Zaynab Hawat
Valedictorian, Muhammad Danish Shah


“During the graduation of Class 2018, that was the first time I came across the word Valedictorian. I did not know what it meant at first but once I did, deep down I told myself that I wanted it,” said Muhammad Danish Shah, graduated with valedictorian honor and swept 10A*.

Danish also held various leadership positions during his school days but it did not stop him from balancing his academic performance and responsibility, in fact he excels in both and he is indeed the role model to many juniors in IDRISSI.

Salutatorian, Zaynab Hawat


Despite being the youngest, Zaynab has always proven that age is just a number. Her name is no stranger in poetry slam competitions for always securing the first place.

“When I saw the quote to be strong is to be free, it reminded me of my goal to create. Coupled with the constant support from my friends, family and teachers, I forced myself to get back on track,” said Zaynab, motivating the crowd with her own story when she lost her focus at one point of life, and managed to obtain 7A* and 2A.

We were also touched by inspiring speeches from all the graduates, thanking parents, teachers and friends who closely bonded with like no other. Those are the voices that we will definitely miss to hear at school, and on stages they have performed and brought IDRISSI together.

Rather than purely a graduation ceremony, it felt more like a walk down memory lane that really showed how much the graduates have grown throughout their years in IDRISSI, to the point that no one came home without shedding a tear that night.

Congratulations to all graduates, you will be missed so dearly.