On the 7th of March 2019, as an effort to help their sports’ houses gain points, the female teachers and staff of IDRISSI gathered in Dewan Bunga Freesia, Setia Alam to battle it off in a game of netball. Weeks prior to the event, the teachers were practicing hard, staying back after work to play a game or two with one another, with hope that they could contribute to their sports house’s rank.

On the day itself, the hall was packed with excited teachers and the rush of adrenaline. This is what they had been preparing for, for the past few weeks. It was going to be a tough competition and they knew it, but no one had come into the room with the intent of losing. They would give it their all. Three professionals were present to help in event of any difficulty. The first match was Okda (Yellow) VS. Risha (Green), and as soon as the referee blew the whistle, they were everywhere. In the end, Risha came out victorious but not without a hard fight.

The next match was Alkes (Blue) VS. Zauraq (Red) and Alkes had won. It was decided, Risha and Alkes were to battle it out in the finals to determine the true champion. But not before the match for 3rd place between Okda and Zauraq. Despite being tired after just playing a few minutes prior, the two teams played with unrivaled energy and it later resulted in the victory of Zauraq.

After a short break, the highly-anticipated match was to begin: the final between Risha and Alkes. The audience members were on the edge of their seats, watching each team score point after point. It was an extremely close game but in the end, Alkes won. There were a lot of shouts of joy and smiles, lots of encouragement to one another and lots of praise from one team to another. The teams were given their prizes and accepted them graciously.

What I learned, most of all, from watching the whole netball match unfold, was of the importance of good sportsmanship. Not once did the teachers ever sneer at each other or mock one another when they lost, nor did any winning team boast about their achievements. With the upcoming Sports Day, I believe this is important to remember: we are first friends, and then only sports rivals. So don’t forget to treat one another fairly, don’t let friendly rivalry split you and your friends up and always maintain good sportsmanship!