IDRISSI School’s Junior Artists Raised Fund for COVID-19

IDRISSI School’s Junior Artists Raised Fund for COVID-19

Pandemic Passage, which took place on 28th March, was the biggest and pioneering virtual art exhibition that IDRISSI International School has ever held, gathering more than 500 junior artists of IDRISSI International School. This opportunity was dedicated to art as seen by all the students who experienced COVID-19.


A few months before the launch, students discussed their idea and inspiration for their art pieces with the gallery leaders—dedicated teachers. All the galleries were trying to represent a series of stories behind COVID-19, through what they went through and what they have seen.


The names of the galleries are “Physical Distancing”, “Tribute to our Pandemic Heroes”, “I Thank COVID-19”, “Learning from Home”, “Away from Friends'' and “Hang in There”. The exhibition showcased a wide variety of art media ranging from paintings, photographs, poems, sculptures to crochets.


Each art piece installed on the wall plunged the visitors into different messages which led a walk into the galleries a memorable and relatable one. The galleries are still open for viewing.

“Ever since COVID-19 started, I felt lonely and I had to do online classes but then one day I felt happy because my cousins came and we had fun together. But then it reminded me that I could not get to see my father for a very long time and I really miss him.” said Ryan Elias, one of the masterpiece artists in the Pandemic Passage Sales Gallery interview.

His voice indeed resonated with many, who have been facing challenges and separated from their loved ones by borders. Sharing the same sentiments on his experience in COVID-19, the special guest, Mazlan Noor Along also spoke about the painting he produced during this period.

“Just like many others, the pandemic has led students to keep their stories and emotions unexpressed. Thus, we were trying to take a positive initiative to encourage students to release them by means of arts, without limiting their creative juices to flow,” said the Principal, Julie Wong.


“We believe by giving them an appropriate platform, it would empower and also motivate them to achieve new heights in arts while also gaining new life experience,” she continued.


Pandemic Passage Sales Gallery, which also aimed to support Hospital Sungai Buloh in aid of COVID-19 was spearheaded by Year 10 students who took Business Studies subject. Opened at 5PM and closed at 8PM, they managed to hit their sales target within three hours.