Malaysia’s Young Innovators Won Gold Awards at the Asian Level

Malaysia’s Young Innovators Won Gold Awards at the Asian Level

Malaysia’s young innovators, comprising students of IDRISSI International School swept two golds and one silver at the Asian Youth Innovations Awards 2021 during the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) recently, making it their second and third successive win at this prestigious event.


Despite the preparation being relatively remote, they managed to repeat their success with three inventions this year. Instead, they looked inward and turned the struggles into opportunities to solve, following their success last year through ‘24/7 Gardener’ which is an eco-friendly and automated watering system.


This award allows students to showcase their innovations and at the same time, build their technopreneurial skills. The current climate has taught the young inventors from different countries to be flexible and make the best use of their skills to deal with problems arising from it.


Distraction during online classes and meetings is not new to anybody. Having experienced it themselves, the group consists of Abdullah Uwais, Muhammad Al-Idrissi, Erdina Syirin and Afiqah Iman found the idea to programme a web app called ‘The InspecTab’, which allows hosts to detect if participant opens an unrelated tab and give them an alert.

Another innovation that won them gold was the E-Pickup Dismissal Assistant which was developed by a team comprising Farrel, Mishayer Raihan, Shafiqal Ashraf and Ameera Liyana. Observing the difficulties to go back, they arrived at a solution that enables parents to be notified when they come to pick up their child and enjoy a smoother and quicker dismissal.

Ahmad Yusuf Zahin, who submitted a solo project based on his own experience being affected by COVID-19, won silver. This app, called the Positive Learning Environment Assessment Smart Education app, or for short, PLEASE app provides a holistic monitoring of students’ state of mind while learning remotely.


“We are very pleased and proud of the students who participated in this event and worked on their innovation, mostly with hope to help as many people who are struggling due to COVID-19. This resulted in new technology that benefits not only the schools but also individuals and companies that suffered throughout the pandemic,” said Julie Wong, the Principal.


The team was also awarded the International Award of Merit from the Republic of Croatia. When asked what they wish to invent next, these young innovators have looked forward to work on their upcoming project. It is hoped that more youth are following their footsteps in overcoming any crisis by innovating new ways of doing things.