How to Enjoy Your Last Bits of School Holiday?

How to Enjoy Your Last Bits of School Holiday?

7 things to do before you end your school holiday with no regrets!

School break can be too short or too long – it all depends on how you spend it. By now, you only have a few days left to fix your break and if you think you have spent it uncreatively or made very little use of it, start now!

Here are some activities that can make your school holiday more meaningful, so that you do not really crave for the time that has passed once you go back to school.


1. Acquire new skills

Learn something new can help to open your eyes to another world. If cooking rice is new for you, try it out! Here is another idea for you to learn one of the best life skills – catch a catfish!

2. Volunteer

A lot of things around us need our helping hands. As you have some time off, it is good to share it with people and animals that need it. The closest one is offering your hands to parents with the house chores, help our siblings and feed our pets. You can even pick up litter while you travel or when you walk around your neighborhood.

3. Pick up new hobby

Hobbies elevate your mood. If you start getting tired of your old hobbies, you might as well need a new one. We found a list of hobbies that you probably would not want to miss out – there are 101 hobbies listed here!

4. Try out new recipes

Take charge of the kitchen! As you have more time to spend with your loved ones, it is time to share some warmth by making some food for them. It can be as easy and yummy as a sandwich or sushi!

5. Make a journal

Do you love reading about the life lessons of the influential people? Do you know that you can also learn it from yourself? Writing about your day can help you to track your daily routine, reflect and spot what you can improve. This is how you can start a better and happier life.


6. Design your planner

Have you ever become inconsistent to jot down on your planner? Instead of getting an expensive one that is not really up to your taste, why not start designing it yourself? Get yourself a blank notebook and start bullet journaling – express your creativity the way you want to, in some ways it helps to motivate you and organize better.

7. Start 2020 wishlist

You can put as many wishes as you want but it can also be as simple as to smile more! As long as you put your sincerity into your goals, everything can be achieved in a breeze.

Getting ready to enter the new year is also the best thing to do during the break such as sharpen your knowledge or skills – a better you, a better year. May we become a better person in 2020!

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