Every year, IDRISSI International School is committed to fostering a supportive learning atmosphere that cultivates high student performance. In 2022, we recorded outstanding results in which 36% of the grades awarded were at A*, 57% at A and above, and 76% at B and above.

The Cambridge Assessment International Education is moving gradually to the standard of exams in 2019, which means the grades awarded in 2022 were less generous than those awarded in 2021. Despite the change, our 2022 results have improved, with 32% students scoring 7 or more A*/A grades.

Congratulations to IGCSE Graduates Class of 2022. As education is a stepping stone to a brighter future, may the graduates take the knowledge they have learned and use it to make a positive impact throughout their journey.


Rising to numerous challenges posed by the pandemic, IDRISSI School announced excellent passing rate of 92% in the 2021’s IGCSE Examination. 21% of our students achieved 7 or more A*/A, which secured them outstanding results. Let's take a detailed look!

This year, IDRISSI achieved high percentages of A*/A in two of the toughest IGCSE subjects such as Add Math (86%) and English (88%) as First Language. Putting our pride in the national language, the students also recorded a whopping 100% of A*/A in Malay. 9 of the subjects namely Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art and Literature achieved 100% credit and above.


IDRISSI International School produces top scorers every year. Whether they love learning in a home-like classroom or in a green open farm, we believe creating a supportive learning environment is the key to high students’ performance.

In 2020, despite the IGCSE examinations being replaced with a stringent evidence-based assessment, the results recorded were impressive with 78% of the grades awarded were at A*-A, with 97% at A*-B and 99% were at A*-C.

IDRISSI achieved 100% of A*-A in five out of ten subjects offered, namely English, Accounting, Economics, Literature and Malay, and 100% pass rate across all subjects which includes Business Studies, History, Computer Science, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

We will continue to be one of the best Islamic International Schools that will help your children to succeed in school and life; dunya and akhirah. Let’s connect and set your children up for great academic success!