Zaliza Alias

Seeing the need to create a path in Malaysia for an English-based preschool, ingrained with Islamic values with a vibrant and cheerful education approach, Zaliza left her profession as a lecturer and opened the first Genius Aulad branch back in December of 2000, which is now having more than 70 branches of the high performance preschool centres under the Genius Aulad brand.

Driven by the need to improve every facet of education, she eventually set up IDRISSI International School, the first Islamic school registered with the WWF Eco-School organization with other board of directors in 2015. Adding to that, she fosters the school with a homely, safe, and value-based environment to develop social and global awareness among students.

Datin Zetti Hana Ibrahim

After graduating with a BSc Hons. Industrial Economics with Accounting from University of Nottingham, UK, Zetti began her career in a stockbroking company, prior to joining Petronas. Her time at the latter had seen her taking on a variety of roles and responsibilities, which ultimately led to her specialising in supply chain management and optimisation of downstream operations.

Serving as a Director since 2016, Zetti is involved in GAINS’ policy and financial decisions, providing her insights into the execution of IDRISSI International School’s business strategies and corporate governance framework.