Welcome to IDRISSI International School!

The moment I stepped into IDRISSI, it was a mind-opening journey - and it still is, until today. I have been constantly blown away by the students’ eloquence and diligence. To name a few, it was during one of the school’s earliest programmes called the River Tad Talk. To my surprise, children as young as them carry the drive to “be the change” just as the school’s tagline tells.

From an industry where everything is made from scratch to an industry where every child has to be nurtured from the seed, I firmly believe in students’ empowerment. My passion has always been on unleashing the children’s potential and in the case of our students, they will always go as and beyond our expectations.

However, that could not have been possible without the strong bond that teachers create with the students here and the amount of support that they readily give. Our hands often extend beyond learning in the classroom and for that, I am always grateful to have worked with these like-minded individuals who are always there to push students to their potential.

As I am someone who loves to move around and be on the ground, you can always find me at any corner of the school and let me know how I can help you parents, children and teachers. My door is always open for you to discuss about your children’s learning pathway and how our educators can help better, in shaa Allah.


Nur Raimi Rasdi