Welcome to IDRISSI International School
Johor Bahru!

For us, the first right of a child is to be loved, the second right is to be respected and the third is to be educated. All these rights are fundamental, but we realized that they are often recognised only if modesty is kept close to heart.

Understanding this quality at the core, we create a level of comfort between teachers and students so there can be an open dialogue and learning in this fast-paced world. Students here will also have someone they can talk to, seek support and trustworthy advice from. Same goes to parents, we also look to provide a strong tripartite relationship for your child’s development.

As you may already know, we do not believe 100% in four walls learning hence we infuse a balanced indoor and outdoor experience into the curriculum for a breath of fresh air. With the accompaniment of farms and animals such as goats, rabbits and chickens, students will feel more connected to nature, at the same time, feel more positive and energized.

Holistic knowledge, good morality, true happiness, universal success - those are what we look to instill in the children here. My office is always open for students to come and let me know of their concerns, and certainly, it is always open for you to discuss how we can provide the best in your child’s learning.


Mr. Shemmari

Head of School