IDRISSI International School is Malaysia’s first Eco-Islamic International School that conceived by individuals who are themselves parents, back in 2015. They believe that all students deserve to enjoy coming to school everyday and learn without being confined within four walls.

Located at the sound and safe green area in Setia Alam, Selangor, IDRISSI School has grown into a full-fledged complex of international private Nature-Based Preschool, Primary and Secondary school that infused with Islamic values and eco-values.

IDRISSI School exudes a homely vibe the moment you step in. As you arrive at the gate, the scent of fresh plants and sounds of our lovely pets will welcome you home. Regardless of which city the students come from, each has something in the world that they wish to improve as they walk through nature and experience it.

As a tribute to nature, we practice composting, care for our pet goats and chickens, and recycle waste materials. Meanwhile, the basketball, futsal and football courts offer the children the chance to run around – before, after or in between classes.

We also appreciate the close tripartite relationship between like-minded parents and teachers that makes a better us today. We let them speak and they always let us help.

Within five years of being together, our passions ripen, and the fruits of our hard work have contributed to 100% of growth. Dear family of IDRISSI, thank you for all your support!

IDRISSI International School
Johor Bahru

After an incredible five years journey in Setia Alam, we are happy to welcome you to EduCity, Iskandar Puteri to enable our families in the neighbouring states and countries to experience us.

IDRISSI School @ Johor Bahru is the global home of changemakers, providing fun in real nature. Here, students grow just like how the trees shoot up; they benefit the world as they grow.

Aside from not being confined in a traditional classroom, students are free to make themselves at home with our excellent boarding facilities no matter which parts of the world they come from. Here, they get to enjoy school and life hand in hand.