Eco-Scouts, JASS and DofE: Shaping Future-Ready Leaders

Eco-Scouts, JASS and DofE: Shaping Future-Ready Leaders

As the famous saying goes, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future," by John F. Kennedy, every parent treasures the opportunity to see their little ones succeed with flying colours in all aspects of life. There is truly something heartwarming about witnessing your children improve their interpersonal skills, acquire insightful experiences and engage meaningfully with the community.

That’s what the IDRISSI School Eco-Scouts Programme is all about! Eco-Scouts encourages physical development, skills building and community engagement, all while prioritising eco-friendly activities. What's even more remarkable is that Eco-Scouts seamlessly aligns with the four areas of the Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) – an accredited progressive learning programme offered for students up to 14 years old to develop their wholesome individuality.

Now, let’s dive into the four sections of JASS and how does Eco-Scouts framework goes hand-in-hand with the sections:

  • Get Active, Stay ActiveRegular involvement in a sport or physical activity
    Are your child sports enthusiasts? Whether they are into the high-energy excitement of futsal, the exhilarating throws of frisbee, the refreshing laps of swimming or the camaraderie spirit of playing volleyball – Eco-Scouts provides the opportunity for them to improve physical fitness, revel in the fun-filled moments with friends and develop essential life skills such as teamwork, discipline and perseverance.

  • Me and My World A community or nature-based project
    Joyous grins lit up our eco-scouts when they worked together to create a positive change. One time, they turned trash into something meaningful by recycling beverage cartons. They even prepared fruit cocktails for teachers and friends, spreading happiness one sip at a time. Oh, we still vividly remember their lovely hand-painted clay pots to beautify the school garden! Little actions, BIG impact!

  • My InterestsA new hobby or interest, or an existing one which can be developed further
    Nothing beats hands-on, practical learning! Still fresh in our memories, our eco-scouts found joy in tying knots even when it took time to master, but hey, a little practice goes a long way! They even learned to fold clothes and make an organic cleaning agent! These firsthand experiences allow them to explore their passions and nurture skills as they embrace a broader world of learning.

  • AdventureInvolvement in outdoor activity
    Education extends far beyond the four walls of classrooms. That is why IDRISSI School organises not one but two excursions every term! Whether it’s a visit to historical sites or an exploration to the wonders of nature, these excursions are more than just field trips; they are immersive journeys and eye-opening experiences, providing countless opportunities for new discovery.

As an extension of the JASS programme, our students will participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE), an international leading achievement award programme designed to encourage personal development and achievement among young people aged from 14 to 24.

The award consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level contains four sections, with the Gold level featuring an extra section called the Residential Project. To earn the award, participants must demonstrate their dedication through consistent participation over a fixed period of time. Curious what are the sections? Keep scrolling!

  • ServiceTo develop and encourage a sense of community spirit and responsibility to others
    Volunteering lets our students give back to the community and discover the power of contributions, big and small. Participants can volunteer in various settings, from environmental organisations and youth-led community projects to causes like supporting local animal shelters and lending a hand in senior care facilities. These initiatives serve as stepping stones on the path of personal growth and social involvement.

  • Physical Recreation To encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement in physical fitness and performance
    Get ready to kickstart your child’s fitness journey! This is where participants can engage in any sports, dance or fitness activities. For those interested in martial arts, karate and taekwondo are among the available options. Those who enjoy doing individual sports can try cycling or roller skating. Ballet and ballroom dancing are also offered for those with a passion for dance. The list goes on!

  • SkillTo encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills
    What interests your child? Is it the joy of playing a musical instrument, the thrill of mastering culinary art or the captivating world of photography and videography? The Skills section is designed to cultivate new interests, talents and abilities, as well as refining the existing ones. Definitely a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills and enhance self-confidence.

  • Adventurous JourneyTo encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery
    “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller. Just as its name suggests, it’s where participants have to embark on a journey of planning, training and undertaking outdoor expeditions in a group setting. It ignites the spirit of discovery, offering young explorers the excitement and fulfilment that arise from pushing their boundaries and venturing into the great outdoors.

  • Residential Project (Gold level only)To broaden experience through involvement with others in a residential setting
    This section presents participants with a life-changing opportunity for personal achievement and cultural immersion. It’s a transformative phase where young individuals can challenge their outlooks, foster meaningful social connections and cultivate independence through active participation in a group living experience away from their usual environment.

Learning is a lifelong journey. No matter where life takes us or who we encounter along the way, there will always be something new to discover. By encouraging the young generation to step out of their comfort zone and actively engage in JASS and DofE, they can acquire valuable life skills and shape themselves into resilient, adaptable and confident individuals.