School Excursions: Where Learning Meets Adventure

School Excursions: Where Learning Meets Adventure

A learning process is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. It can take place anywhere — whether it’s through reading books, exploring the great outdoors, or even going on a school excursion, the opportunities to discover and grow are endless!

Children love excursions! We could always notice their radiant smiles the moment they heard about an upcoming excursion. Just picture your little one returning home, brimming with excitement as they eagerly share stories and experiences from their school excursions. Isn’t it heartwarming?

That is why IDRISSI International School believes in the transformative power of school excursions. In fact, we made it a part of our wholesome curriculum with not one, but two school excursions per term! From visiting historical landmarks to exploring natural ecosystems and many more, this enriching experience is the perfect platform for students to see, touch, hear and interact with the world around them.

Now, let’s delve into the benefits of school excursions:

Experiential Learning Takes Place

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin succinctly captures the essence of experiential learning with his wise words. One of our school trips during IDRISSI Language Week in Setia Alam took our Secondary Year 7 to Year 11 students to a traditional shadow puppetry play, also known as ‘Wayang Kulit’. The excursion went beyond them merely being spectators; it was a journey to the heart of the art itself. Students had the privilege to meet the creative people behind the play, gain a profound understanding of the craftsmanship, touch the intricately crafted puppets, see the creative process up-close, and even try their hands at controlling the puppets. We are pretty sure they would like to revisit the moment!

Cultural Awareness

Exploring various cultural and historical sites through excursions provides a better understanding of the subject and a broader perspective of the world. Take, for instance, our recent trip where students from IDRISSI International School Johor Bahru visited the Bugis Museum in Pontian, Johor. It proved to be an incredibly eye-opening experience! Students uncovered the hidden treasures of Bugis history, language and culture. Did you know that Bugis people have their own writing system? It looks like the students learned something new! Beyond simply learning about the Bugis people, students also got to immerse themselves in their language, customs and way of life.

Social Skills Development

The thrilling adventure of school excursions isn’t just about visiting new places. Through the experience, students learn to cooperate and communicate with peers, teachers and individuals from the community they are visiting. For example, our Primary Year 4 students at IDRISSI International School Setia Alam once went to Life Line Clothing Malaysia and creatively transformed upcycled fabrics into tote bags. It then became more than just artistic endeavour — it was a collaborative experience requiring teamwork, communication and problem-solving. They truly learned a lot from this enlightening trip, especially when it is related to our environment!

Emotional Engagement

School excursions play an essential role in deepening the students’ understanding and appreciation. Let’s have a little recap of our previous excursion, when our students visited Memorial Negarawan, a memorial dedicated to 7 statesmen who played significant roles to achieve the nation’s independence. We still remember how the students’ eyes lit up with wonders as they wandered through the museum and connected the dots of the past. Each discovery taught them to appreciate the historical context, the challenges faced, and the sacrifices made by those who were involved. We appreciate when students ask a LOT of questions, demonstrating their genuine interest!

There are many reasons to love and enjoy school excursions — the joy of discovery, the excitement of new experiences, the meaningful bonds with peers and teachers, the creation of lasting memories… and the list goes on! These experiences not only enhance their academic knowledge but also equip them with interpersonal skills that are valuable for success in school and future careers. As we reflect on the wonders of past excursions, we are thinking to ourselves, “Where will our next destination take us?”