Where Can You Go During Term Break?

Where Can You Go During Term Break?


Term Break

Term break is just around the corner! All of us are delighted but have you planned what you want to do during term break? If not, worry less since we are going to look at places that you can visit during term break.


Water theme park

It would be great to spend your term break by going to a water theme park. Sunway Lagoon Subang Jaya could be an option. Additionally, there are a couple of new water theme parks too. Parents should bring the children to enjoy water theme park activities if the children love to have fun in the water. However, do check the weather forecast as it might rain or become too heaty. We do not want the children getting sick during term break.


Outdoor or indoor theme park

As for children who would love a theme park ride, this option suits them best. Outdoor and indoor theme parks have the best activities if a water theme park is not suited to your interest. I-City Theme Park Shah Alam would be a great place to go with family and friends.


Sports and recreational activities

Athletic kids would love this option. Sports and recreational activities are suitable for those children who would love to spend their time being fit. Going to Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak would be a great place to explore as it would help them to be more adventurous and fit.


Eco nature attractions

We are so familiar with eco related things and for sure most of us are interested in activities that are related to eco as our school is an eco school. It would be a great experience to enjoy the outside world of eco nature attractions and do certain activities there. Sekinchan Paddy Field could be a great place to go where you can see how paddy is harvested and so many more. 


Waterfall and river activities

Do waterfalls and river activities spark your interest? Then, this is the option for you. Going for a waterfall and river activities is another exciting thing for you to do during term break. You can either have picnics while going for a swimming session or go kayaking and so many more. Waterfalls at Kanching Eco Forest Park would be a good place to go as you can enjoy having picnics there.


Zoo or petting zoo visit

This is the most popular option not only for children but for adults too. Most of us would love to spend our time watching the animals in front of our eyes, especially if we can feed them too. Farm In The City Seri Kembangan would be a great choice since you can see & experience real-life animals around you.


There are many interesting places to be visited during term break. It is just a matter of time for you to explore it. Have a blissful term break everyone!

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