After-School Club: Beyond The Classroom

After-School Club: Beyond The Classroom

Hello, parents of IDRISSI! Does your little one dream of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay, showcasing exceptional cooking skills? Are they often found immersed in painting, aspiring to follow the footsteps of Picasso? Or are they drawn to the world of robotics, envisioning themselves as future tech innovators?

It all begins with a dream, which is then translated into action. The first little step? Let your children join the IDRISSI After-School Club, available from primary to secondary level. The endless choices of clubs provide options for young minds to learn, engage, experience and grow beyond the classroom.

What makes the After-School Club great for students to participate? Scroll down to find out!

Adventures in Learning

Who says learning has to be dull? It can also be full of beneficial adventures! IDRISSI After-School Club offers activities spanning from art to sports, STEM Robotics, theatre and drama and more. Let’s say your child enjoys the world of performing arts. Our Theatre and Drama Club is the perfect match! Every session unfolds a new adventure for your child to discover the thrill of storytelling, stage presence and improvisation – which can develop their public speaking skills and gain a deeper understanding of emotions. Now, that’s what we call adventure!

Foster Creativity and Imagination

A child is like a blank canvas. Their experience, creativity and imagination add splashes of colour to it. Through IDRISSI After-School Club, this is where they can start adding colours to their canvas. Creativity knows no bounds! Take our STEM Robotics class for an example – the process of designing, building robots and programming their movements can cultivate creativity and imagination. That's not all! Problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork will be on the list too, which is a great way to prepare them for the future.

Active and Healthy Play

Calling all sports enthusiasts! Did you know that our After-School Club consists of physical activities too? Whether your child loves the exhilaration of smashing the shuttlecock, skillfully dribbling the ball or mastering the art of taekwondo’s swift moves, our range of activities offers various opportunities to keep them active, engaged and energised. A healthy body is equivalent to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind aids children in staying focused on their studies, ensuring a well-rounded development. It’s the perfect blend of fun, fitness and learning!

Social Interaction

As children spend time with teachers and friends, they have the chance to build strong social connections and enhance communication skills. Our Little Chefs and Junior Bakers After-School Club lets children work together and whip up delicious meals. The activities involved, such as measuring the ingredients need them to listen carefully to their teacher's instructions and communicate effectively with one another. Engaging in such activities helps to foster their social interaction and cultivate teamwork, preparing them for success in their future interactions.

Having your little one running to you and sharing about their fascinating day is truly heartwarming. In that cherished moment, you catch a glimpse of their world and your bond grows stronger. The After-School Club not only provides them with enriching experience, but it becomes a bridge that connects you to their experience and allows you to be a part of their growth and adventures.