IDRISSI Online Open Week

IDRISSI Online Open Week

Join us for our online Open Week, running from 9th until 13th of August (except on 10th Aug). It will be held virtually and FREE! Special promotions for you to grab (1) RM50 registration fee for Trial Online Schooling and (2) 50% OFF of Entry Assessment.

In this time of uncertainty, we understand that all parents share the same worries. Worry that kids will have a hard time learning, worry about having to sit with them throughout the class and worry about the risk of falling behind the syllabus. All these could lead to one thing — feeling extremely overwhelmed.

An engaging and energizing online learning environment is a necessity, no more a luxury. Hence, we would love you to find out how our online schooling is unique and different from the rest. This could help your child learn better with the guidance of experienced and digitally competent educators in IDRISSI School.

During the Open Week, you may also ask any questions regarding the school. Please note that this trial package is subject to availability of spaces. Hurry up and book a seat now! CLICK HERE to register.

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